Computer Vision Nanodegree

Nanodegree key: nd891

Version: 5.0.0

Locale: en-us

Master the computer vision skills behind advances in robotics and automation. Write programs to analyze images, implement feature extraction, and recognize objects using deep learning models.


Part 01 : Introduction to Computer Vision

Part 03 : Advanced Computer Vision & Deep Learning

Part 04 : Object Tracking and Localization

Part 05 (Elective) : Applications of Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Take a quick look at a few really cool applications of deep learning and computer vision, such as Neural Style Transfer, that using pre-trained models.

Part 06 (Elective) : Review: Training A Neural Network

Review how neural networks turn an input into an output and how they monitor errors as they train. This section will also cover methods to avoid overfitting your data.

Part 07 (Elective) : Skin Cancer Detection

Learn how to utilize neural networks to distinguish between images of benign and cancerous skin tissue.

Part 08 (Elective) : Text Sentiment Analysis

Learn how to create a simple neural network for analyzing the sentiment (bad or good) in the text of movie reviews.

Part 10 (Elective) : C++ Programming