Introduction to Machine Learning with TensorFlow

Nanodegree key: nd230

Version: 1.0.0

Locale: en-us

Learn foundational machine learning techniques — from data manipulation to unsupervised and supervised algorithms.


Part 01 : Introduction to Machine Learning

Part 02 : Supervised Learning

Part 03 : Deep Learning

Part 04 : Unsupervised Learning

Part 05 : Congratulations!

  • Module 01: Congratulations!

    Part 06 (Elective): Prerequisite: Python for Data Analysis

    Part 07 (Elective): Prerequisite: SQL for Data Analysis

    Part 08 (Elective): Prerequisite: Command Line Essentials

    Part 09 (Elective): Prerequisite: Git & Github

    Part 10 (Elective): Additional Material: Python for Data Visualization

    Part 11 (Elective): Additional Material: Statistics for Data Analysis

    Part 12 (Elective): Additional Material: Linear Algebra