Sensor Fusion

Nanodegree key: nd313

Version: 5.0.0

Locale: en-us

This course trains the learner to be a sensor fusion engineer focusing on Lidar, Radar technologies.


Part 01 : Welcome

Part 02 : Lidar Obstacle Detection

Part 03 : Camera

Part 04 : Radar

Part 05 : Kalman Filters

Part 06 : Career Services

These Career Services will ensure you make meaningful connections with industry professionals to accelerate your career growth - whether looking for a job or opportunities to collaborate with your peers. Unlike your Nanodegree projects, you do not need to meet specifications on these Services to progress in your program. Submit these Career Services once, and get honest, personalized feedback and next steps from Udacity Career Coaches!

Part 07 (Elective) : Autonomous Systems Interview

Start off with some tips on interviewing for an autonomous systems role, then watch how candidates approach their interview questions. Finish off by practicing some questions of your own!