Robotics Software Engineer

Nanodegree key: nd209

Version: 5.0.0

Locale: en-us

Fuse computer vision, machine learning, mechanics, and hardware systems to build bots of the future!


Part 01 (FreePreview) : Free Preview

Part 02 : Introduction to Robotics

Learn the essential elements of robotics, meet your instructors, and get familiar with the tools that will help you succeed in this program.

Part 03 : Gazebo World

Learn how to simulate your first robotic environment with Gazebo, the most common simulation engine used by Roboticists around the world.

Part 04 : ROS Essentials

Discover how ROS provides a flexible and unified software environment for developing robots in a modular and reusable manner. Learn how to manage existing ROS packages within a project, and how to write ROS Nodes of your own in C++.

Part 05 : Localization

Learn how Gaussian filters can be used to estimate noisy sensor readings, and how to estimate a robot’s position relative to a known map of the environment with Monte Carlo Localization (MCL).

Part 06 : Mapping and SLAM

Learn how to create a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) implementation with ROS packages and C++. You’ll achieve this by combining mapping algorithms with what you learned in the localization lessons.

Part 07 : Path Planning and Navigation

Learn different Path Planning and Navigation algorithms. Then, combine SLAM and Navigation into a home service robot that can autonomously transport objects in your home!

Part 09 (Elective) : Autonomous Systems Interview

Start off with some tips on interviewing for an autonomous systems role, then watch how candidates approach their interview questions. Finish off by practicing some questions of your own!