04. Projects


03 C Projects V1

Route Planner

In this project, you will use OpenStreetMap data and the IO2D visualization library to build a route planner that finds a path between two points on a real-world map.

Process Monitor

The system monitor shows you what’s happening on your computer: processes, id, CPU and memory usage, and much more. In this project, you’ll write object-oriented C++ to build a Linux system monitor similar to the widely-used htop application.

Smart Pointers

In modern C++, smart pointers handle much of the dirty work when it comes to memory management, but as a developer, it’s still crucial to understand what’s going on under the hood! In this project, you’ll build your own smart pointer and compare its performance to the standard-issue smart pointer.

Concurrent Traffic Simulation

Build a multithreaded traffic simulator using a real urban map. Run each vehicle on a separate thread, and manage intersections to facilitate traffic flow and avoid collisions.

Capstone Project

Put your C++ skills to use on a project of your own! You’ll utilize the core concepts from this Nanodegree program - object-oriented programming, memory management, and concurrency - to build your own application using C++.