01. Introduction to Workspaces

Introduction to Workspaces


Many projects and select quizzes will be accessed via in-browser environments called Workspaces . Workspaces streamline environment setup, simplify project submission, and can enable GPU support. All Workspaces are Linux-based. In the next classroom concepts, you'll see examples of the following three types of Workspaces:

  • Notebooks : For explanations of small pieces of code or for smaller programs that you will write, you will use a Jupyter Notebook with an embedded terminal to compile and run.
  • Terminals : For larger programs, you will access other Workspaces directly from an in-browser terminal running a bash shell along with an in-browser code editor. Terminal Workspaces operate in the same manner as Linux terminals.
  • Desktops : Finally, some terminal Workspaces are attached to a virtual desktop which will allow you to display visual output from your program.

Which quizzes and projects are accessible through Workspaces?

If a quiz or project is accessible through a Workspace there will be a Workspace evident for use. For projects, the Workspace will be toward the end of the project lesson. For quizzes, the Workspace will either be on the page where the quiz is introduced or nearby (usually on the next page). If that is not the case for a particular quiz or project, then we currently don't support Workspaces for that quiz or project.