02. Notebook Workspaces

Notebook Workspaces

For explanations of small pieces of code or for smaller programs that you will write, you will use a Jupyter Notebook with an embedded terminal to compile and run. If you haven't seen Jupyter Notebooks before, you can test one out below. A notebook is a web application that allows for code, text, and visualizations to be combined and shared.


This section contains either a workspace (it can be a Jupyter Notebook workspace or an online code editor work space, etc.) and it cannot be automatically downloaded to be generated here. Please access the classroom with your account and manually download the workspace to your local machine. Note that for some courses, Udacity upload the workspace files onto https://github.com/udacity , so you may be able to download them there.

Workspace Information:

  • Default file path:
  • Workspace type: jupyter
  • Opened files (when workspace is loaded): n/a

If you would like more room to work in the notebook, you can click the "Expand" button in the lower left corner:

Additionally, you can click on the "hamburger" button in the upper left of the classroom to collapse the sidebar for more room:

Note: The Notebook session will remain open as long as you are active, and will be automatically terminated after 30 minutes of inactivity. Additionally, the workspace will save your work automatically.