Self-Driving Car Engineer

Self-Driving Car Engineer


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Version: 5.0.0

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Work on the future of autonomous vehicles and help make the self-driving car revolution a reality!


Part 01 : Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Sensor Fusion

Here, you'll first become an expert in applying Computer Vision and Deep Learning on automotive problems. You will teach the car to detect lane lines, predict steering angle, and more all based on just camera data, along with working with lidar and radar data later on.

Part 02 : Localization, Path Planning, Control, and System Integration

Here, you'll expand on your sensor knowledge to localize and control the vehicle. You'll evaluate sensor data from camera, radar, lidar, and GPS, and use these in closed-loop controllers that actuate the vehicle, finishing by combining all your skills on a real self-driving car!

Part 03 (Elective) : Additional Content

Find additional optional content on Unscented Kalman Filters, Model Predictive Control, Advanced Deep Learning / Semantic Segmentation, and Functional Safety here.

Part 04 (Elective) : Autonomous Systems Interview

Start off with some tips on interviewing for an autonomous systems role, then watch how candidates approach their interview questions. Finish off by practicing some questions of your own!

Part 05 (Elective) : Technical Interview Prep

Learn the skills technical interviewers expect you to know—efficiency, common algorithms, manipulating popular data structures, and how to explain a solution.